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Patrick Leroux

Bilingual Motivational Speaker & Best-selling Author


Successful entrepreneur, Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, bestselling author, and bilingual speaker Patrick Leroux believes that any person or organization has an extraordinary potential for success and is RESPONSIBLE for his destiny. He also believes that if a person or an organization wants to get superior results, it has to be a better LEADER, take more INITIATIVES, absolutely STEP OUT OF HIS COMFORT ZONE and dare to do things it never did in order to achieve the RESULTS it has never achieved before. +

Patrick’s ability to deliver a high energy message with passion and humour challenges people to take initiative, step out of their comfort zone, and dare to do things they never thought possible to achieve real and long-lasting results.

In 2002, Patrick became the first person in Quebec to have earned the “Certified Speaking Professional” designation. This designation is the highest designation given by the International Federation for Professional Speakers. In Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, he has given more than 1,650 presentations to over 250,000 people.

In 2015 Patrick was the inductee to the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recognizes speakers both for their excellence as professional speakers and for their contribution to the profession. Patrick Leroux becomes the 30th inductee into the Hall of Fame which was established to recognize outstanding excellence as a professional speaker and dedication to the professional speaking industry by educating others to excel.

At the end of each Patrick’s presentations, his participants write down a “commitment” they’ve made that break them out of their comfort zone. They receive a bracelet to wear as a reminder of their promise to themselves. --

Topics & Categories
  • Communication
  • Customer Service & Loyalty
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Motivational
  • Networking
  • Performance & Productivity
  • Sales & Service
  • Time Management
  • Virtual Presentations

Igniting The Fire Within!
(Patrick's most popular keynote)

From comfort to commitment! Strategies for Maximizing Your Potential and Optimizing Your Performance

Why is it that some people are more motivated and experience more success than others? How are they able to achieve exceptional results in all aspects of their life? +

With the help of a fast-moving series of methodologies, ideas and techniques which each person can apply in every area of life and work, this session will allow you to discover the secrets of success and how to get motivated, and stay motivated, for life. This particular session contains the keys to personal effectiveness, maximum achievement and unlimited success. In addition, this session addresses the best ideas for success that have ever been discovered. Through Patrick's interactive, entertaining and practical approach, the participants will learn:

  • That they are 100% responsable for the results they produce in their lives;
  • That winners in the game of life chose to live with passion instead of waiting for their pension;
  • The importance of making continuing education a priority in their lives;
  • That successful people have have goals, losers have excuses
  • A powerful tool to program their brain to abundance: the movie of your future life;
  • That you always attract into your life your dominant thoughts and emotions and that your FEARS are like mental wheelchairs;
  • The importance of our circle of influence and that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with;
  • That in order to succeed today, we need to be different and we need to go from a transactional mode to an memorable experience mode (with our clients and co-workers);

The 10 Secrets of Success in Customer Service
Strategies to turn satisfied customers into loyal customers.

It takes thousands of dollars and months before you find a good customer… and it only takes a few minutes to loose one. Not only you want satisfied customers, more importantly you want loyal customers. What are you doing to create loyalty with your customers? +

In this highly interactive and information rich session, you will learn that:

  • Customer service is not a department ... it’s an attitude;
  • Listen to your customers;
  • You never have a second chance to make a good first impression;
  • Your organization is as good as your worst employee;
  • The customer is always right even when he is wrong;
  • You must provide your customers with a memorable experience if you want to create loyalty and;
  • You should never take your customers for granted. --

Growing your business, is YOUR business!
Strategies to attract new business and make your income grow.

What business development strategies are used by the top 1% sales people? If you're like most people, you use only two or three business development strategies - and generally the least efficient ones. Would you like to sell more, faster and more easily than ever? +

In this highly stimulating session, you will learn a series of practical, proven strategies that you will be able to adopt in order to make your sales explode and get ahead of your competitors who undercut you.

Here are a few of the lessons you will learn in this captivating, fascinating talk:

  • If you don't have a list, you don’t really have any business;
  • Your best sources of future income stem from your present clients;
  • How to ask for, attract and obtain lots of referrals;
  • Why - and, above all - how to keep in touch with your prospects and your present clients on a regular basis and;
  • Where and how to make the most of your networking activities. --

How to Build Trust and Rapport Instantly
How persuade and influence people faster and easier.

What are the success secrets of the best communicators? How could you earn the trust of an individual in the first few seconds? How do you adapt your communication to the personality style of others? Are you a red, yellow, green or blue? The purpose of this funny and highly interactive session is to make you a better communicator and better persuade and influence people. +

The audience will learn:

  • Why people think and act like they do;
  • The 4 personality styles: Are you red, a yellow, a green or a blue?
  • That you must adapt your communication to the personality styles of others;
  • To discover in the very first minutes the motivations, fears, needs and desires of others;
  • That the best gift you can give others is to listen to them well and fulfill their personal needs and motivations and;
  • That if you want to get some honey (persuade others) you must not to knock over the beehive. --

Patrick Leroux is represented by K&M Productions for speaking engagements. For more information and booking Patrick Leroux, simply contact us.

What Clients are Saying

Our conference was a great success largely due to your participation as our main speaker. Your session, with a provision of both French and English components, was energizing, motivating, entertaining, very informative, very dynamic and excellent!!! It was a pleasure working with you. You sure made things easy for us, and we really appreciated it. Thank you for helping to make our conference a success.

–New Brunswick Public Health Education Days


Our conference was a great success largely due to your participation as our main speaker. Your session, with a provision of both French and English components, was energizing, motivating, entertaining, very informative, very dynamic and excellent!!! It was a pleasure working with you. You sure made things easy for us, and we really appreciated it. Thank you for helping to make our conference a success.

–New Brunswick Public Health Education Days

Thank you for a fantastic job speaking to our OK Tire delegates in Cancun! The group feedback was excellent - you left our group feeling inspired and motivated! From all accounts, they were thoroughly engaged by your dynamic personality and your knowledge level. You came through for us by delivering a vital message that was highly relevant and significant!

–O.K. Tire Stores Inc.

Patrick Leroux is a sensational motivational speaker. His presentation to Canadian Food Inspection Agency staff in May evoked incredible emotion and passion in all participants. His insurance that all participants commit to action further reinforces the action orientation of his presentation. This speech will force you to reflect on your career and your life and will `Ignite the Fire Within` in order to make positive change. The energy and quality of Patrick Leroux's presentation is a clear rival for the likes of Anthony Robbins.

–Strategic Planning Human Resources Branch Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Thank you Patrick for delivering an incredible seminar and helping all participants ignite their inner fire! Your solid business messages coupled with your passion made our event a huge success. With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 by conference attendees, we know that your sessions delivered an excellent return for Bio-Lab Canada.

–Bio-Lab Canada

Thank you for your kindness and knowledge that you gave us in Tehran Iran. I have totally changed my life and I am implementing all your instruction which you gave me at the conference in Tehran and I feel that I am getting huge results and my family also are feeling these changes on me. Many thanks, my friend and I really I hope I could see you again.

–The Korean Trade Center


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