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Cheryl Cran

Future of Work Expert


Speaker Cheryl Cran helps leaders and their teams to build future workplaces, today. Recognized as the #1 Future of Work influencer by Onalytica, Cran’s research into the future of work, technology, and leadership, driven by her “people first” and digital second philosophy, helps companies build the leadership capacity needed to change the world through business. For more than two decades, thousands of her clients have benefited from her expertise resulting in growth, evolution, and success.

Currently the founder of NextMapping and CEO of parent company Synthesis at Work Inc., Cran’s background is senior leadership in the corporate finance and insurance industries. After ten successful years, she was head-hunted by a national financial insurance company to head up their regional portfolio, where she helped to increase market share by more than 30% in just two years.

Cran developed NextMapping as a proprietary business solution brand to encompass all of her work and research on the future of work and the leadership needed to navigate change in the workplace. She believes that digital transformation in the workplace must focus on how technology can enhance outcomes for people. Her clients have included AT&T, Bell Mobility, Omnitel, Gartner, British Telcomm, Manulife, as well as mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs in industries such as technology, health, agriculture, finance, insurance, and more.

Cran is the author of nine books, including NextMapping: Anticipate, Navigate, and create the Future of Work; The Art of Change Leadership: Driving Transformation in a Fast-Paced World; 101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work; and Leadership Mastery In a Digital Age. Her work has been featured in publications such as the Huffington Post, Forbes, IABC Magazine, Law Magazine, Metro New York, Entrepreneur Magazine, Readers Digest, CBS Online, NBC Online, Fox Online and more.

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New Keynote!
The Future Is Now - How Remote Work Is Here To Stay & What To Do To Succeed In The Future

"By the year 2020, 50% of the workforce would be working remotely."

No one would have ever predicted that a global pandemic would make that particular prediction a reality. Workers have been looking for companies to offer remote work and it has been a key element for talent to decide which companies to work for. Leaders have been adapting to the remote work reality albeit some industries have been faster at remote work adoption than others. The reality is that the ’next normal’ is here to stay and that includes remote work. +

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • Research and data on remote work and the numbers of companies who have a remote work strategy
  • Case studies of companies who have mastered the remote work dynamic
  • Strategies on who to align remote work strategy with worker engagement and retention
  • Ideas on how to compete in business with a remote work strategy
  • Tips and tricks on how to help leaders inspire remote workers and lead them to high performance
  • Insights on how remote workers can set up their environments for greater success
  • How to integrate remote work strategy into future planning of the business

"“Well we can honestly say Cheryl’s keynote had the most audience engagement maybe ever in our 50 year history of doing this event. With the texting of questions and the audience polling, the audience was made to feel as part of the conversation – not an easy feat!  Cheryl’s keynote style is creative and models what she talks about ’shared leadership’.” - Director, Northwest Leadership Seminar --

KEYNOTES: (all can be presented virtually)

The Future of Leadership

Never before have workplaces had so much ambiguity, uncertainty, and constant change. Workers are challenged with doing more with less, learning at the speed of disruption, and working with diverse situations. The increase of digital transformation brings a massive opportunity for leaders to create the future for themselves. Along with this opportunity though comes a need for leaders to be connected, empathetic, and inspiring for their teams. +

In this keynote, Cheryl Cran, future of work expert and founder of NextMapping, shares inspiring, uplifting, and practical ideas for leaders to be future-ready, now.

Leaders will learn:

  • The most recent and up-to-date research on the future workplace and what it means for leaders today.
  • Statistics and sentiment analysis on worker attitudes and what workers want today and in the future from their leaders.
  • Leadership models on the “me to we” mindset and mapping the future of the leadership journey.
  • Tips and strategies on how to leverage leadership mastery to increase the attraction and retention of top talent.
  • Inspiring ideas that can be put into immediate action to increase employee motivation and engagement.
  • Practical daily actions to help leaders feel energized and to help their teams to be inspired and excited to create the future of work. --

NextMapping - The Best Way to Create Your Future is to Map It

Many disruptions including government shifts, global disasters, mergers and acquisitions, artificial intelligence, robotics, and changing worker attitudes is causing the need for leaders to be able to map the future of work for their company and for their teams.

The type of leadership that is needed during these fast-paced times is the ability to flex in times of flux. Agility, adaptability and innovation are key attributes that will help leaders to drive the change and transformation needed to get to the future of work. +

This future of work keynote provides insights into the future of work and strategies to proactively map the future as a leader. Dynamic ideas and creative approaches to help build future ready leadership that drives transformation towards the future of work.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • Insights on the impact of AI and robotics on your industry locally and globally
  • A bi-modal model on how to leverage the best of what’s working now with data from future trends research
  • Case studies of organizations that have successfully mapped their future by being on top of trends and future of work
  • How to harness the ‘people first’ principle of future workplaces and a look at leaders who have leveraged technology to enable extraordinary value for clients and employee experience
  • A ‘what needs to change’ and ‘what will never change’ checklist to help prioritize strategic actions towards future of work
  • Inspiration, ideas and a ‘map’ of the future for self/teams/business that can be put into practical application right away
  • NextMapping™ model and steps to create your future for self/business --

The Future of Work is Now – Are You Ready?

What will leaders and their teams have to do to thrive today and beyond to the year 2030? Today’s challenges include ongoing global change, technological innovation and changing workplace dynamics.

Employee engagement, creating leaders for the future, attracting and retaining top talent are all elements that are rapidly changing and impacting the way we work and how we need to change to meet the challenges of the future workplace today.

This keynote will provide researched global business insights, thought provoking, creative, leading edge ideas and strategies on how leaders can take immediate action to increase team buy in, adaptability and execution NOW as we head towards 2030.  +

Attendees will leave with:

  • A look at the trends and technologies shaping the future workplace today
  • Ideas for leaders and their teams to adapt their personality style and leadership style to the fast changing workplace
  • “How” to successfully work with and engage the multiple generations in the workplace
  • Insights into how leaders need to adapt to the ever-changing reality of worker attitudes and shifting attitudes on loyalty, job satisfaction and how work is done
  • Mindset model on how to navigate fast pace of change as we head to future of work
  • Research on the multiple intelligences needed to navigate the future of work
  • Case studies and examples of progressive companies and leaders on the leading edge of creating innovative future ready workplaces
  • Strategies on how to get everyone on board with the overall future vision, build excitement for the company’s direction and create commitment and buy-in to taking action today and for the future --

Leading Change in a Fast-Paced & Technological Workplace

This change leadership keynote is for everyone because “everyone is a leader!” Everyone in the workplace is working in times of intense technological innovation and dealing with ongoing change.

The key is how to inspire and engage everyone to be ‘leaders of change’ and to dynamically increase innovation, collaboration and success for everyone in the company and for the business overall.  +

This keynote focuses on how each individual can harness their own inner abilities to lead change and personal leadership in a positive and proactive way.

Attendees will leave with:

  • Further insight into how is fast change is impacting the speed of work and how we as leaders need to build adaptability to the new reality;
  • A shifted perspective on how we as individuals can harness positive stress and leverage time in an increasingly fast-paced work environment;
  • A clear understanding of how each generation views change, deals with change and strategies to improve change responses and actions;
  • Insight into their own personal change behaviors and tools to leverage their individual ability to adapt more quickly to ongoing change with a positive approach;
  • Tools to lead change with multiple perspectives including emotional intelligence, generation intelligence and energetic intelligence;
  • Skills to elevate communication in a way that speaks to the higher potential of each individual and creates unprecedented understanding and commitment to change as we move forward;
  • A change leadership ‘journey map’ a guide to follow to lead change beyond the program  --

Upgrade Your Leadership OS
(Operating System)

We are living in a time of fast paced transformation and YOU are the transformers! The key skills needed in these fast moving times are the ability to think fast, make prudent decisions quickly, test innovative ideas and to collaborate with fast responsiveness. Think about it, we keep upgrading our technologies and as technology speeds up we need our ‘thinking’ to be upgraded too!  +

In this ‘evolutionary’ keynote you will learn how your thinking and your mindset can impact the speed with which you and your team are able to respond and create. Imagine if you were able to download a new version of thinking that would allow you to move faster and get results more quickly. This keynote provides insight into the ‘how’ to do just that.

Attendees will leave with:

  • How leadership thought has evolved over the past few decades and how it relates to what was needed in the business through each of those time periods;
  • How technology has created a multi tasking and multiple priorities reality and what to do to maximize abilities to thrive in this reality;
  • The four levels of leadership awareness model that provides you with a ‘tool’ to elevate your thoughts and to align your actions with the new ‘leadership operating system’;
  • How to leverage mindfulness as an evolutionary strategy and other new strategies to increase your creativity, speed of thought and ability to execute effectively;
  • How to leverage emotional intelligence with ‘energy’ intelligence to increase collaboration and connection with others;
  • By using Level Four Focus, how to commit to ‘knowledge sharing’ as a future of work strategy and to engage all employees.

Maximizing Collaboration & Innovation in Multi Generational Teams

Generations in the workplace is no longer news; leaders and teams don’t want to hear about what makes the generations different anymore they want to know “HOW” to leverage collaboration and innovation among the multi generational teams. This keynote is tactical and practical and provides examples of different generational approaches to leadership, problem solving and getting things done.  +

Newer research indicates that in the past few years as Gen Y’s/Millenials impact the workplace there is a higher need for valuing the differences of each of the generations and to find ways to work together synergistically.

This generations keynote provides ideas and strategies on ‘what’ and ‘how’ each individual can increase his or her own ability to leverage generational intelligence to increase innovation and results.

Attendees will leave with:

  • The three things that ALL of the generations want at work;
  • How the strengths of each of the generations are absolutely needed for the future of work today;
  • Insight and a reminder of the demographics of each of the generations in the workplace and their impact on business;
  • How each of the generations leverages technology to achieve work goals;
  • Debunking the myths of the stereotypes of the generations;
  • Leadership strategies on how to successfully lead each of the generations by adapting to their work style and generational style;
  • How to increase success in communication, collaboration and innovation with each of the generations;
  • Case studies of high profile companies who have a large Gen Y demographic and what those companies are doing to recruit and retain Gen Y’s;
  • Stories of progressive ideas on how to deal with retiring or ‘refiring’ Zoomers, how to encourage reverse mentoring and how to build career plans for Gen X and Y;
  • How to leverage evolutionary leadership skills of creativity and innovation when leading multigenerational teams  --

Leading Gen X, Y and the Zoomers in Turbulent Times

This keynote is based on Cheryl's book, Who Is REALLY in Control? 101 Ways to Make Generation X, Y and Z Happy at Work. A recent USA Today article asked Zoomers (Modern Boomers) if their retirement plans have changed due to the economy and the response was 41% intend to retire later than planned. This clearly indicates that generational communication in the workplace will be an area of opportunity for the next few decades.  +

Deciphering generational labels can be confusing, so it's easy to see how clarity in the workplace can be a challenge when team members claim vastly different perspectives. Add to that the current turbulent work environment and you have an added challenge to navigate these times of massive change.

The future success of your organization is dependent on the people you have on board. A seasoned guide, Cheryl Cran, will show your team that, while differences of opinion are the rule, the gaps between their perspectives aren't as large as they think. Using her trademark humor, relatable examples and interactive elements, Cheryl motivates business audiences by providing real-world techniques that equip your group to face the challenges of inter-generational communication in the workplace.

This keynote is designed to educate your group on generational traits and to provide everyone in your organization with the means to unite members of different generations in achieving extraordinary results. In it, Cheryl reveals how to lead and work effectively with coworkers of multiple generations and differing personalities.  --

The War for Talent- How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

There is a major competition happening in multiple industries and that is for the best talent – and it is a race to attract and keep the most talented people. Talent is being wooed and poached by companies that are offering great compensation and great places to work. How do organizations successfully navigate this ‘war’ for talent? By being future of work ready!  +

It's time to be creative and to leverage the strengths of your brand, your leaders and what you have to offer potential talent and keep them too..

In this keynote or seminar you will leave with:

  • Statistics and research on attracting and retaining top talent in your industry;
  • How to leverage creativity and leadership skills to make your workplace attractive to potential talent;
  • Innovative ideas on where to find the right people that are suited for your industry;
  • Generational research on what Gen Y & Millenials are looking for in an employer and how to use the right tools and language to attract them;
  • Technology tools for recruiting, social media, and how to build a brand of attraction;
  • Ideas on how to collaborate with other industries and partners to build an ongoing talent pool

This is an eye opening and value packed session that provides tactical ideas and strategies to help with the challenge of finding and keeping good people.  --

(R)evolutionary Leadership Keynote:
Four Levels of Leadership Awareness

Today’s leader needs to be more agile, more creative, and have more energy than ever before. In this keynote, Cheryl Cran provides a brand new evolutionary leadership model that offers a deeper look into personal performance and how to lead at the highest levels.  +

Drawing upon years of research, Cheryl will define what it means to ‘be an evolutionary leader’ in today’s workplace and how can we embrace this concept. Why the leaders of tomorrow must be a “collaborationist”. She will share the best practices of evolutionary leaders and how this style of leadership will transform your business.

Attendees will leave with a depth of leadership and personal performance insights unlike any other leadership concepts available now.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The four levels of leadership awareness and how they relate to increased performance for both leaders and their teams;
  • How to leverage emotional intelligence with ‘energy’ intelligence to be truly evolutionary;
  • By using Level Four Focus, how to consistently inspire others to increased energy and results;
  • How to increase your own energy and commitment while demonstrating leadership attitudes and approaches

This keynote is based on the four level awareness model created by Cheryl Cran, developed through leadership surveys, research and evolutionary thought leader masterminds.  --

Lead With 2020 Vision- Building the Workplace of the Future Today

What will leaders and their teams have to do to thrive today and beyond to the year 2020? Today’s challenges include ongoing global change, uncertain economies and changing workplace dynamics. Different generational attitudes are shaping where we work, how we work and when we work. As leaders we are the ones to set the vision, the positive environment for collaboration and the probability for success.

This keynote will provide insight, humor and creative ideas on how leaders can increase team buy in through their 2020 vision.  +

Attendees will leave with:

  • A look at the trends and technologies shaping the future workplace today;
  • Ideas for leaders and their teams to adapt their personality style and leadership style to the evolving workplace;
  • Tools to use to successfully communicate with the different generations in the workplace;
  • Insights into how each of the generations handles change and what they expect from their workplace today and in the future;
  • Case studies and examples of progressive companies that are on the cutting edge of creating innovative workplaces and creating the template for the workplace of the future;
  • Strategies on how to get everyone on board with the overall vision, build excitement for the company’s direction and create commitment and buy-in to taking action today and for the future.

This keynote is expandable up to a 1-2 day leadership retreat focused on building strategic plans, building aligned leadership focus and creating new business plans for the departments of the company.  --

Lead with Energy, Power & Passion

In this motivating and energetic opening keynote you will leave with insight to the following questions:

  • What your key motivators are as a leader- are you an intrinsic or extrinsic motivator?
  • What motivates you as an individual? Are you better under pressure or not?
  • What gives you energy? What types of people give you energy?
  • What is your level of emotional intelligence – how can you leverage this to further engage and motivate your teams?
  • What are the four levels of leadership awareness and how can we use this information to be better leaders?

These questions and more are addressed in this inspiring, eye opening and performance enhancing keynote. As with all of Cheryl’s keynotes she uses humor, video clips, audience interaction and deep, insightful provocations.

Cheryl Cran is represented by K&M Productions. To inquire about Cheryl Cran's speaking schedule, fees & booking Cheryl Cran, contact us.

What Clients are Saying

It was a pleasure to work with you leading up to the event, you were responsive and professional. I appreciate the efforts you took to learn about our business and people strategy and how you used this information to customize the presentation. You kept everyone entertained, laughing and most importantly learning.



It was a pleasure to work with you leading up to the event, you were responsive and professional. I appreciate the efforts you took to learn about our business and people strategy and how you used this information to customize the presentation. You kept everyone entertained, laughing and most importantly learning.


Cheryl Cran brings huge value as a communication and leadership expert. Working with Cheryl has helped our company to grow exponentially over last year—we increased our staffing due to tremendous growth and her presentations on communication and leadership as well as her consulting processes has provided us with substantial return on investment. We know how to build homes, Cheryl Cran knows what is needed inside the company to grow the leaders and produce outstanding results.

–Renaissance Development

Cheryl has a unique ability to gather tremendous data and content, sift through it and then provide a clear and simple pathway that helps the leaders and the business to grow. Her style is direct yet fun and she is deeply insightful into the personal growth needed by each individual in order for him or her to be able to contribute at higher levels to the overall goals of the company. Cheryl as a leadership expert  is consultative, creative and results focused we look forward to working with her again.

–CEO, Omnitel Communications

Cheryl, thank you very much for your outstanding performance at our annual global conference. You were really able to tap into the needs of each member of the audience. Your message continues to resonate through many participants. Rarely do we engage a speaker with such energy and enthusiasm. We especially appreciate the level of preparation and the manner in which you customized your content to align with our general conference theme. An excellent event overall and you were clearly one of the highlights.

–Ethicon / A Johnson & Johnson company

Thank you so much for your keynote - your message, your style, your humour and positive attitude are infectious.

–Canadian Association of Financial Planners

Our group enjoyed your direct, practical and humorous approach to communication and specifically the challenges for women.

–Chevron Texaco

Cheryl Cran was exactly what our team needed: A voice of reason that spoke with clarity, humor and wisdom.

–Grant Thornton

Seldom have I seen a speaker who engaged the audience in such a manner. Cheryl tailored her material for our crowd and was very well received. I would highly recommend her.

–RBC Dominion Securities

We had over 820 participants in the first employee session, over 700 at the second one and over 200 leaders at the leadership session - the presentation was authentic, powerful and she provided tools anyone could easily use, should they choose to. The message of personal accountability was delivered with wit, humor and passion. This was one of our most successful events. Numerous participants also commented on this.

–Regina Qu'Appelle Health

We have had a lot of very positive feedback from guests and employees alike, and the consensus was that you were a hit! The entire crowd was engaged- we could not have asked for a better reaction! You certainly added a whole new dynamic to our conference!"

–Canadian Women's Leadership Council

Cheryl, thank-you for another terrific event. Our organization enjoyed having you come back to work with another segment of our employees. The management staff enjoyed both the content and specifically your fun and interactive style. Your enthusiasm, positive outlook and realism about the issues and challenges facing people in the work place today made your presentation a worthwhile commitment. Thank you again.

–Motion Picture & Television Fund

Our event was a huge success and it would not have been possible without your engaging presentation. The energy in the room was charged as you engaged everyone in a very interactive presentation. At the end of the evening everyone felt empowered, invigorated and ready to tackle the world. Energy, passion and results!

–Brian Jessel BMW


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