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Michael Vickers

Sales & Marketing Motivator,
Customer Service & Customer Loyalty Expert


Michael Vickers inspires enduring success - ultimately, redefining what is possible for today’s sales professionals, leaders, and managers. His sessions are educational and entertaining, filled with useful and hilarious stories. While teaching compelling sales techniques, he shows organizations and audiences how to outsell and out-position the competition, and how to incite lifelong customer loyalty. +

Michael is the Executive Director of Summit Learning Systems, a company that offers customized in-house training and e-learning programs to many of today’s leading companies. His Rainmaker Coaching System has taught thousands of sales people throughout North America the skills that are required to achieve optimum personal and sales performance.

Michael Vickers is the bestselling author of Becoming Preferred: How to Outsell Your Competition. In it, he shares his secrets to mastering the art of sales, as well as Dance of the Rainmaker: Creating Authentic Differentiation in Today’s Competitive Marketplace where he shares his secrets to mastering the art of sales. --

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  • Business Management & Strategy
  • Communication
  • Corporate Culture
  • Customer Service & Loyalty
  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Learning & Development
  • Marketing & Branding
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Michael’s content is practical, timely and delivered in an enthusiastic, entertaining style that is easy to digest and remember. Your attendees will be talking about and implementing his strategies for months and years to come. Michael’s ability to speak at the level of his audience allows him to connect with all facets of the organization, whether they are a group of senior executives, midlevel managers, salespeople or customer service reps.

Michael Vicker's Most Popular Speaking Presentations:

Becoming Preferred — Up-Leveling the Brand Experience - the Key to Market Sustainability
Having a great brand in today’s competitive marketplace is essential to even survive. To take your brand to the next level, it is important to enhance the entire brand experience. This program will give you the strategies and skills necessary to up-level your brand experience so that you can become the emotional favorite. Your team will learn how to effectively elevate all customer touch points internally and externally, and learn how to create brand alignment through all distribution channels.

Becoming Preferred — How to Outsell and Outposition your Competition
Learn state-of-the-art strategies and tactics to give you competitive advantage that will help you outsell or outservice your competition. The purpose of this program is to help place you and your company in the preferred position every time and show you how to establish a powerful sales process and shorten the sales cycle.

Dance of the Rainmaker: Creating Authentic Differentiation in Today’s Competitive Marketplace
In business, Rainmakers are the rare breed who bring in new business and win accounts with almost magical ease, generating substantial new business from markets that might seem to others to be too challenging. Rainmakers see opportunity where others see only defeat. And it’s no surprise that Rainmakers are the most highly sought after sales professionals in every industry. In this presentation, Michael Vickers shows you exactly what it takes to ascend to the elite level of the Rainmaker and how you can achieve greater success in your sales career and your life.

Becoming Preferred: Nine Triggers to Booking the Business
We all persuade every day. In our personal and professional lives, our ability to influence or be influenced can have a significant impact on us. Effective persuasion requires an understanding of the true needs of the person we are persuading. Understanding the client’s criteria for action and presenting information or solutions in a way that is congruent with their desires will activate the brain’s internal triggers for making decisions and improve your sales effectiveness. Persuasion & Influence is more of a science than it is an art. It is a process, not an event. In this entertaining and informative presentation, Michael will share with you the Persuasion model and the steps to build your strategy on. He will also identify and show you how to employ the nine emotional triggers that clients use to make their purchasing and investment decisions.

Michael Vickers is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, Michael Vickers' speaking schedule, fees & booking Michael Vickers contact us.

What Clients are Saying

His enthusiasm is contagious! It was so refreshing to attend a seminar that kept my interest from start to finish. A dynamic speaker who delivers dynamite information.

–Stats Canada


His enthusiasm is contagious! It was so refreshing to attend a seminar that kept my interest from start to finish. A dynamic speaker who delivers dynamite information.

–Stats Canada

You scored a 'hat trick' with your presentation. Your message to our troops on how to become preferred was right on the money—you generated a buzz that really has everyone excited. You made some connections that I am confident will lend to more opportunities with some of our other clients. Finally, we initiated a discussion about what hopefully can blossom into an ongoing relationship between our two organizations. Thanks again for taking the time to visit us and share your expertise.

–Liggett-Stashower, Inc.

We've been getting rave reviews from all who attended our conference. Michael was very professional, right on the mark and very entertaining. For a group of bankers to make such glowing comments about a speaker who comes on right at the end of the day is saying something.

–Royal Bank Financial Group

Your humour was exceptional and hit the raw nerves of the realness of everyday life. I found myself enthralled & amazed at how you captured and commanded my FULL attention and everyone else's too! (1300 people) I walked away with a renewed perspective and with a sense that I had to make changes in how I do business.

–Re/Max Ontario Atlantic

Participants left the conference motivated and charged with energy. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who is seeking an excellent sales trainer.

–Bank of Montreal

Your energy and message is like a "shot in the arm". Your presentation was informative, entertaining and a great way to wrap up our three day seminar. Other industry guest speakers scheduled to speak after you commented that they wish we would schedule you last, so that they do not have to follow your extraordinary presentation!

– Phoenix Energy Marketing

Few have connected with the audience with the ease that you did. Your emphasis on the need to deliver "distinctive value" was entirely relevant to our industry – and clearly resonated with delegates. The fact that the audience was charged up and receptive after your thought-provoking keynote enhanced the impact made by subsequent speakers. With the applause you received, it won't surprise you to learn you garnered outstanding marks on our delegates' evaluations. A full 96 percent of respondents gave your presentation the highest possible ratings.

–Credit Union Central of BC


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