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Red Green

Red Green (Steve Smith) - Star of The Red Green Show


Red Green was born up north, in the nether regions. His father took one look at him and named him Red, which was a disappointment for Mom. She wanted to name him Plaid. She got even when she bought him his first shirt. He's friendly, inventive, cheap, and as honest as the day is long, which means he's the least honest on December 21st.

Blessed with instinctive common sense, Red Geen (played by actor Steve Smith) stopped growing at the height of 5 foot 8 since the door to his cabin was 5 foot 9. He attended Possum Lake School until he was 20 and then he went to Junior High, which he enjoyed very much until they assigned homework. He immediately left school to join his father's business - collecting unemployment insurance, but there were problems because Red didn't have enough job skills for the government to decide what type of work he was out of.  +

Eventually Red left home to strike out on his own, which is pretty much what he did. He tried his hand at carpentry and welding and then, while that was healing , he tried his other hand at plumbing and electrical work. In the hospital recovery room he met Bill and became interested in joining Possum Lodge. Around this time Red met his wife Bernice at a church picnic where they had both gone for the free food. Red and Bernice fell instantly in love and got married later that year without even waiting for the results of the pregnancy test.

Red became more and more involved with Possum Lodge and in time became the only guy that nobody hated and was elected Lodge Leader. He needed to refinance the Lodge so Red borrowed a large sum of money from his brother just before he was fired from the bank. Red is still paying his brother back by employing his brother's son Harold as the producer/director/dork of The Red Green Show.

Red has the down home wisdon of Will Rogers, the rural charm of Garrison Keillor, and about 18 times as much handyman inventiveness as the entire cast of Home Improvement. Married to the ever-understanding and never seen Bernice, Red has no children, just a television show that's a fishing show, a fix-it show, and a men's advice program all rolled into about 3/4.  --

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