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Paul Huschilt

Storyteller Extraordinaire


Hilariously funny, smart, motivating, inspiring, and memorable, Paul Huschilt creates conference summaries and keynotes tailored exactly to the needs of your audience. Described by many as indescribable, he’s one of the most unique voices in the speaking industry. Paul’s talks are an adventure in content and laughter and song. He delivers his lessons and your messages with energy, passion, and fun. +

Paul offers a range of funny keynotes, break-out sessions, and facilitates workshops focussed on workplace resilience, change, personal excellence, team building and recognition. His most famous keynote, “The Ultimate Ending / Paul’s World Famous Conference Ending Summary”, is a closing session he creates from each day’s presentations and activities. At the end of the conference, the audience is treated to an instant replay of their convention. They leave laughing, sometimes humming, and always remembering what you want them to remember most.

He’s a trained actor with degrees in management and theatre; a diploma in career counselling; training in adult education; has worked in an insurance firm; and has sung with the Canadian Opera Company. This strange wide and varied background, along with almost 20 years of professional speaking experience, collide to give Paul a one-of-a-kind style and the ability to understand how to promote learning and excite every audience. His skill has been recognized by his peers, as they inducted him into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.

Paul performs in English, French, and occasionally Japanese. Also a published author, his books include:  Awakening the Workplace: Achieving Your Connection, Fulfilment, Success at Work, and The Reluctant Pilgrim: An Incomplete Guide to Walking the Camino de Santiago. --

Topics & Categories
  • Change | Change Mgmt.
  • Comedy & Humour
  • Employee Engagement
  • Event Hosts & M.C.\'s
  • Health & Wellness
  • Human Resources & Workplace Culture
  • Humour & Variety
  • Inspiring Stories
  • Morale Boosting
  • Motivational
  • Performance & Productivity
  • Stress Management
  • Unique & Interactive

The Ultimate Ending

It’s a conference closing like no other. All of the key lessons, messages, and highlights of your conference are played back to your delegates in an amazing comic summary. Paul uses his sharp wit, imagination, and talent as a performer to play back your convention with comedy, summary and song.  +

Imagine the impact of ending your conference with a comic wrap up that reinforces your content and leaves people feeling great about the event. Paul attends your conference and transforms the proceedings into an on-the-spot comic review. The Ultimate Ending is the perfect way to guarantee that you end on a high note.

Paul’s insightful and hilarious spin on events focuses on your business content and your people. They’ll laugh until they hurt, and leave re-energized and remembering the important lessons of your sessions.

Paul is a trained actor and singer and has degrees and diplomas in management, adult education and counselling. Add in 16 years of experience as a speaker and only he can create a closing keynote like this.  --

Humour, Resilience and Change

Change at work is inevitable. Laughing at it is not, but it’s a great way to manage through difficult times. This talk teaches how to face the inevitable and turn your workplace back into one that’s productive and fun.  +

Your group will learn how to deal with stress, change, and conflicting demands and not let the negatives get in the way of work. Create a resilient team, one that’s aware of individual change styles and able to move forward in any environment.

They’ll also laugh throughout the session and won’t even know they’re learning.

Paul Huschilt is a trained actor and singer, has experience as a corporate employee, and holds degrees and diplomas in management, counseling, and adult education. This unusual background ensures he can engage any audience and make them laugh.  --

Seven Humour Habits for Workplace Wellness

Paul’s most requested talk. Humour Habits is an hilarious keynote which teaches wellness, celebrates accomplishments, and provides seven simple tactics for your people to use back at the office and in their personal lives.  +

Motivational and funny. Participants learn strategies to focus on their business goals, stay balanced in a sometimes unbalanced world, and adapt to changes within your organization. It’s a high-energy presentation that reinforces your organization’s core values while promoting personal and professional growth.

Seven Humour Habits is ideal for people who work in stressful environments. It’s an excellent way to say ‘thank you’ to your staff and show them that they are important to your organization. Your employees will leave with a greater sense of community and wellbeing, perfect ingredients for higher productivity and greater commitment to the success of the company. Paul works closely with you to understand your needs and personalize the keynote to reflect your uniqueness and goals.

Paul is an award-winning speaker with a background in career counselling, adult education, and human resources. He’s also an actor and singer. This odd mixture leads to captivating keynotes that educate, entertain and inspire.  --

Everybody Stay Calm, How to Thrive in Changing Times

  • Is your Workplace a Stressplace?
  • Have resources been stretched to new levels?
  • Is everyone working harder than ever before in a hectic environment?

It’s time to step back, laugh, and learn techniques to stay calm when things get crazy. Paul will help relieve your business stress by teaching your group how to do more than just cope. They’ll learn to thrive on stress.  +

The talk discusses what stress is, what happens to your body under stress, and what happens to your mind when it’s trying to make sense of it all. Your people will learn how to be well, work better together, and focus on how to stay calm even on the craziest of days.

Everybody Stay Calm is also a lot of fun. It’s low stress learning and a great break from the usual serious sessions of a conference. It’s a sure way to show your team that you value them.  --

Climb Your Mountain: The unEverest Keynote

Not your average mountain climbing keynote. This one anyone can do. Mt Fuji is the setting to learn about how to achieve your goals, face obstacles, stay focused, and laugh at challenges. Presented with breath-taking photographs and compelling video, this keynote is an awesome and funny adventure that will inspire you to find opportunities, follow your dreams, and be your best.

Master of Ceremonies

With years of speaking and acting experience, Paul is the hilarious and charming glue that holds your conference together. Paul draws on people’s enthusiasm, commitment, and sense of humour while supporting your agenda, content and timelines.  +

You’ve put countless hours into the planning of your special event, now it’s time to find the perfect host to guarantee its success. Enter Paul Huschilt, Master of Ceremonies and consummate professional speaker. With a background in acting, counselling, and talking a lot, Paul engages his audiences with a mix of prepared and impromptu segments to support the flow of your event.

As Master of Ceremonies, Paul raises the level of your meeting through his unique brand of humour, inspirational insights and clever antics, all within the limits of your carefully prepared structure. Acting as host for a one evening event or throughout the conference, Paul ties it all together.

Paul works with you to develop an effective balance of hosting and reflecting on your key messages and business objectives. Make your next event shine from end to end with a master of Master of Ceremonies.  --

Corporate Histories

Your company is an amazing story waiting to be told. Through interviews and on-site visits, Paul learns about you then creates a celebration that captures the pride of your accomplishments and inspires an exciting future.  +

Paul Huschilt loves to tell stories. At an early age he began recounting events to make people understand things – and to make people laugh. He’s spent many years listening and weaving pieces together and creating stories that audiences want to hear.

Paul’s unique Corporate Histories keynote lets you tell your story. It’s perfect for making your long term employees proud of their accomplishments through the years and to help newcomers understand your culture and how you got to where you are today.

Of course, each history is a one-of-a-kind story. To create it, Paul will sit with you and key members of your team to learn about important developments, hardships you’ve overcome, and your successes that helped you become you. Add in the theme of your event, your important messages, and a good dose of fun and celebration, and you have a keynote that itself will become part of your history.  --

Breakout Sessions – Half Day and Full Day Workshops

All sessions can also be adapted for a seminar format and are ideal as breakout sessions, half-day or full-day workshops.

Paul Huschilt is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, fees, Paul Huschilt's speaking schedule & booking Paul Huschilt, contact us.

What Clients are Saying

Paul’s “Ultimate Ending” was the most memorable part our event. He presented our entire conference in the most creative way with his humour and music that held the audience’s attention from start to finish. Our delegates are still talking about how he was able to take notes during the sessions and present his script based on what had taken place in a way that had everybody laughing! One of the most energetic presenters and storytellers in history.

–Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA)


Paul’s “Ultimate Ending” was the most memorable part our event. He presented our entire conference in the most creative way with his humour and music that held the audience’s attention from start to finish. Our delegates are still talking about how he was able to take notes during the sessions and present his script based on what had taken place in a way that had everybody laughing! One of the most energetic presenters and storytellers in history.

–Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA)

Your comic re-enactment of the conference had people holding their sides with laughter. Not only that, but you had us revisit some of the important messages we’d heard. The standing ovation spoke for itself, and yet I’d like to add that feedback has been positive since the conference as well.

–Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

You had a very professional way about you and you were concerned with understanding our company, and then you turned it on it’s ear with a very polished and well thought out humorous and interactive presentation.

–Vice-President Scotia Dealer Advantage (ScotiaBank)

We were extremely happy with your performance ... It was exactly what we were looking for. City staff really enjoyed that boost of humour with a message.

–Manager, Strategic Initiatives, City of Markham

You exceeded all of our expectations and somehow even surpassed the successful Canadian keynote presentation.

–American Association of Adminstrative Professionals

People were amazed at your ability to reinforce messages in a comical way, including from content delivered only an hour before. The audience had tears in their eyes they were laughing so hard. It was perfect. In addition, it was a pleasure working with you.

–Director, Client Services, CGI

I have had many opportunities to seek many different keynote speakers and participate in their workshops all over Canada, and I would have to say that your high energy and fully engaging approach is one of, if not the best, that I have had the pleasure to enjoy.

–Bell Aliant

It was a fantastic presentation that taught the importance of self-care and personal management in the lives of professional administrators. I was impressed with how engaged the group was throughout the day, and how easily they approached the stage and participated. We would absolutely recommend you to similar organizations.

–University of Toronto School of Medicine


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