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Randy Taylor

Leadership, Sales & Service, Productivity & Human Potential


Randy Taylor is an inspiration in the world of personal growth, sales, service and leadership speaking. Having escaped poverty, his parents' alcoholism, and life on the streets, he was able to reach the very top in Canadian broadcasting in both radio and television (at CFRB 1010 and Global Television.) Basing his presentations on his personal experience of overcoming challenges, Randy motivates audiences to push past self-limiting behaviour to discover limitless personal and professional success. +

At the youthful age of 28, Randy began a 20-year career that propelled him to the very top in Canadian broadcasting at CFRB 1010, and as the host of Summit of Life on Global Television.

Through his own personal experience and study for over thirty years, Randy speaks to and coaches some of the top corporations in the world about his dynamic leadership philosophy called “The Winner Within.” He has quickly gained a stellar reputation among some of the top corporations and associations in North America, including Manulife, London Life, Investors Group, Motorola, Aim Trimark, McMaster University, Xerox, Empire Life, ReMax Realty, Petro Canada, Kraft Foods, Industrial Alliance, Freedom 55 Financial, The Government of Canada, Brookfield Homes, Toronto Employment Services and many more. --

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VIRTUAL Keynote:
Randy Taylor's most popular "virtual" presentation:

Navigating Disruption:

Turning Adversity Into Opportunity - Adapting to Covid

The impact of COVID on productivity for most has been real and understandable. When long engrained habits of business structure, process and function are completely changed there is a tangible impact on how we function day to day.  Given that working from home is likely to be in place for the foreseeable future, adapting and creating new habits and behaviours is key to current and future success.

In this session Randy Taylor will unveil a long-proven process to create a very manageable day to day solution for productivity you can implement immediately.  He will also discuss some of the very real advantages for staff during this time.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Turning adversity into opportunity
  • Accepting and embracing change
  • Create the new behaviour of disciplined efficiency
  • Learn and implement the planning and execution of the top 2%
  • Dramatically reduce stress

Additional Virtual Keynotes & On-line Training:

Sales Superstar

The 2% ............. SOLUTION
Learn What the Top 2% are DOING The Other 98% Are NOT +

Is there a way to explode your results allowing anyone to join the top 2%?
The Answer is YES!

In this seminar THE 2% SOLUTION Randy Taylor will systematically unveil not only the science based proof but also the process of how anyone can join this elite group.
The focus of this keynote is to not only inspire you to know your potential but to also provide actionable steps that will allow you to become the person you have always been deserving of being. Randy Taylor today is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers in the world of business and personal development.

Learning Objectives:

  • Dispelling The Peak Performance Myth
  • The mechanism to stop stopping
  • The 867 Factor and the power of compound activity
  • Get off the roller coaster-key to producing superior results
  • The Scientific Proof and Process of Creating a Winning Mindset --

Personal & Professional Excellence

“On your mark…………GO”
Moving from self-limitation to self-empowerment +

Randy Taylor is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers in the world today. In this seminar “On Your Mark……GO”, Randy will unveil the process to empower yourself to create substantive and lasting growth both in your business and personal life.

True success is achieving a self-determined level of growth and making it your life. “On  Your  Mark…Go” will illuminate through the science of human behaviour how to move through the invisible barrier to success and open the door to unlimited  self-determined potential. The focus of this keynote is to not only inspire you to understand your potential but to also  provide actionable steps that will allow you to begin the process.

Taking Your Career and Life To The Next Level Learning Objectives:

  • Turning desire into belief
  • The science of the mind and the power of self control
  • Tapping into the potential that has always been there
  • Learning the trigger of self-determined action
  • The mechanism to stop stopping
  • The 867 Factor and the power of compound activity --

Leadership-Driven Productivity-The Compound Factor of Success

The Success Model of Sales & Self-Employment:
Winning Strategies for Daily Growth +

The prospect of self-employment and sales offers a great many benefits as well as a number of inherent pitfalls. It is widely agreed that it is not a lack of knowledge that prevents those who are self-employed from growing their business, but rather a lack of discipline and structure.

In this seminar, The Success Model of Sales and Self-Employment, Randy Taylor details a winning formula for anyone who is self-employed with first a clear understanding of the structure that is missing for most who are self-employed as well as practical steps to engrain the daily structure for a winning model.

Topics include:

  • How to double income and productivity;
  • Workplace structure;
  • The self-employment challenge;
  • The psychology of a leader;
  • Amateurs wing it-professionals prepare everyday;
  • Where’s the boss?;
  • The path to daily growth;
  • Best practices business plan --

The Pathway to Profits:
The Key to Business Growth

The key to business today is the ability to compete. In what has now become a global economy, competition and survival of the fittest has now become the focal point of growth and sustainability. Leadership begins with a clear understanding of human behavior and how it affects the building of a dynamic and productive team. Productivity is entirely within the control of the individual and as such, dealing with the individual in a group setting and motivating each person to move in unison with passion towards common goal is the true key to growth."A recent Ipsos Reid survey showed that 39% of Canadian employees today are actively looking for work, at work!"

Topics include:

  • Vision through inclusion-The power of the brain trust;
  • The science of behavioral change;
  • Challenge yesterday, lead today;
  • The 5 keys to employee productivity;
  • Visual communication;
  • Outcome objective targets --

Mastering Distraction & Managing Stress

The Most Powerful Element of Time Management +

One of the most commonly overlooked skills that we can cultivate is the ability to focus. To stay in the moment or to develop a skill I call "Current Moment Consciousness." Many believe that the inability to focus is due to a character flaw. Nothing could be further from the truth. The skills that we desire are primarily impacted through the intake of information over a lifetime, which in turn affects our belief system.

Developing the ability to focus not only greatly increases productivity; it also provides something that eludes most in today’s frenetic world. Peace of mind. This lecture explores not only how our inability to focus has manifested, but also more importantly how we can improve it.

Topics included are:

  • Power of negative conditioning;
  • Fear and stress-imaginary distraction;
  • The ego driven mind;
  • Forward motion-The reality of the moment;
  • Past/present/future-Productivity equation;
  • Action steps of growth --

Randy Taylor is represented by K&M Productions. For more information, speaking fees, & booking Randy Taylor as your conference keynote speaker, contact us.

What Clients are Saying

Randy's presentation was fantastic and very well received by our advisors. Many of them mentioned great take away messages they learned in Randy's talk. His content was both informative and motivating, so we were very pleased with his presentation. Thank you again.

–Monarch Wealth Corp.


Randy's presentation was fantastic and very well received by our advisors. Many of them mentioned great take away messages they learned in Randy's talk. His content was both informative and motivating, so we were very pleased with his presentation. Thank you again.

–Monarch Wealth Corp.

Your message was both encouraging and thought provoking. It prompted a high degree of self-reflection, pushing us to seek out our own “Winners Within”, and was taken not just a business or professional context, but personal as well.

–President, Brookfield Homes Canada

Randy recently delivered his extraordinary 'Trustworthy Selling presentation at our annual Sales Congress conference in BC and Toronto and had our 200 plus conference delegates riveted to their seats. The presentation was entertaining, compelling and clearly came from the heart. Randy reminds us of what's important in life and why we do what we do. Randy definitely inspires passion and well-earned the stellar reviews. Thanks Randy!

–Sales Industrial Alliance

Many thanks for the motivating and inspiring seminar "Life Before Can't." The response was overwhelming. I especially appreciated the way in which you took the time to get to know AIM Trimark's principles and integrated them within your talk. Feedback included comments such as "Randy beautifully articulated a powerful message. His talk was captivating." I would definitely recommend Randy Taylor and look forward to working together again.

–AIM Trimark, Toronto Head Office

Randy Taylor is truly a very motivational speaker.  From the heart he delivered a powerful “winner within” presentation at our National Sales meeting which set the stage for thought, motivation and finding the winner within each one of us to make the change to be the best we can be in our personal and professional lives.

–Equitable Life of Canada

I have never witnessed a speaker who has had such a powerful impact on an audience or who left such a lasting impression. There is no doubt in my mind that lives were changed today.

–Pure Health Women's Show

Your words and message made us all believe that we can be better people at work or at home. I highly recommend having Randy Taylor as a speaker for any organization, especially for those who want to show their employees that they care about them as individuals and want the best for them.

–HR Director, Gorrie Marketing

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the amazing lecture you presented to my club members on Monday night. Your genuine enthusiasm for living life to the fullest shone through your entire presentation. People in the audience were moved, motivated and inspired. Every aspect of the topic applied to all areas of our lives.

–Health Director-White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa


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